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What I Offer

I provide psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults. What this means is that we spend time exploring and understanding your internal conflicts, both conscious and unconscious. In an environment of trust and safety, you are able to recognize the origins of your problems and make different choices for yourself now. Often the process of exploration is rewarding, exciting, and interesting; sometimes it is painful as we deal with  disappointments and regrets. As your therapist, I am with you through all of it, supporting your growth and your decisions for the future.

People have come to my practice with many life issues, including depression, anxiety, substance use problems, workplace harassment and burnout, difficulties with major life decisions, relationship problems, and family rejection. I particularly appreciate being able to help you find your life purpose and clarify who you are as a person. 

Areas of Special Focus

Older Adults

In the latter part of life we can benefit from reviewing what we have accomplished as well as clarifying what we want for the present and future. We are often dealing with new and difficult challenges such as caregiving, health issues, and the loss of family and friends. We may also have the new joys of grandchildren, freedom from the obligations of paid work, and time to pursue our interests. Having a therapist with whom to share your pleasures and cares is one way to invest more deeply in this important stage of life.

Group for Women in Mid-Life

As we reach mid-life, we may find some release from the imperatives of young adulthood, which may have included care of children, financial survival, partnering, and establishing a work identity. There is an opening to reconsider how we want to live our lives and how our values have evolved. It can be helpful at this time to have a supportive group with whom to grow and explore. As we develop trust and understanding of each other, we may find that new possibilities open up and that we make positive, perhaps unexpected changes.

Hoarding and Clutter

If you are surrounded by too much stuff, you may blame yourself, or others may blame you, for being "disorganized". Having an opportunity to discuss your situation with a non-judgmental therapist can lead you to discover what your clutter is really about. Working together on your difficulties, we may find that underneath the clutter is unresolved grief, anxiety, resentment, and a life that you have been unable to live to the fullest. As we address your emotional pain directly, we may find that you are more able to manage your feeling of overwhelm and deal with the external challenge of your situation.

Weight Issues and Body Affirmation

We live in a society that places an inordinate emphasis on the shape and size of our bodies. Yet years of research have shown that we have only a limited say over how our body looks, despite what the fitness industry tells (and sells) us. In my experience, we are most able to make positive changes in our diet, physical activity, and care for our appearance after we have achieved some self-acceptance for who we are right now. You are good right now. Really. And you can make constructive progress.

Formerly Incarcerated

I am proud to have provided crisis intervention and psychotherapy for men and women behind bars in California prisons. After you have served years in prison (or jail), the world you are re-entering when you are released is not the one that you left years ago. The transition can be very difficult. I would like to help you succeed in the outside world by helping you to process the challenges you are experiencing. You have worked hard on yourself in prison; you deserve to build a decent life on the outside.

Home Visits

You may have life circumstances that prevent you from leaving your home for therapy. Whether you are limited by caregiving responsibilities, mobility issues, psychological difficulties, or something else, I am committed to enabling you to participate in psychotherapy. When remote video or phone therapy is not a satisfactory solution, I am able to visit your home for sessions. We will work together to understand the specifics of your situation and whether home therapy is right for you.

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